1. black onyx omni sight 6:50
  2. retrosphere omni sight 5:08
  3. wataame omni sight 4:03

京都発エレクトロインストユニット omni sight 2年ぶりとなる新作は、自主レーベル “FlightWorks”からの初リリースとなる4曲入りEP。同じく京都アンダーグラウンドシーンにおける異彩ユニット UCND、Kobeta Pianoの鍵盤奏者にしてmoog oneの名手、 Shoichi Murakamiとセッションマンとしてあらゆるフィールドでキャリアを積んできたSax、Shohei Nakamuraを迎え、これまでのAmbientやDub、Cillout要素に加えR&BやHip Hop、Jazzなどの黒いGrooveを大胆に取り入れた意欲作。京都から全世界のダンスフロアに向けた最新系 Japan crossover sound ここに完成!

“omni sight” (an electronic music unit based in Kyoto) has released their latest album “CROSS POINT e.p.(4tracks include)”, their first release on their own label “FlightWorks”. Featuring Shoichi Murakami, the keyboardist of “UCND”, “Kobeta Piano” unit that is unique in the Kyoto underground scene and a master of MOOG ONE, and Shohei Nakamura, saxophonist who has built a career in various fields as a session man, this ambitious album boldly incorporates R&B, hip-hop, and jazz grooves into elements of ambient, dub, and chill-out. The latest sound of the Japanese crossover from Kyoto to the world’s dance floors is complete!

all tracks written, produced by omni sight
recorded by KND

mixed by Motohiko Sato & Ryo Ikeuchi
mastered by Motohiko Sato
design by Seitaro Nishioka

bass, prog. : Motohiko Sato
drums : Naoki Hirai

additional musician
keybords(moog one) : Shoichi Murakami (from kobeta piano / ucnd)
sax : Shohei Nakamura

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Release Date : 2020年10月24日
Artist : omni sight
Format : Digital Download