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New Release!! CROSS POINT 12inch

CROSS POINT 12インチレコードリリース決定!

A1. cross point / A2. black onyx / A3. retrosphere
B1. Cross Point “Kensei’ s KoKenShow Re-Paint ft.本田Q” / B2.  wataame

track A1, A2, A3, B2
written, produced by omni sight
mixed by Motohiko Sato & Ryo Ikeuch

track B1
ReTouch by DJ KENSEI of KoKenShow

all tracks mastered by KND
design by Seitaro Nishioka

omni sight
bass, prog. : Motohiko Sato / drums : Naoki Hirai

additional musician
keybords(moog one) : Shoichi Murakami (from kobeta piano / ucnd)
sax : Shohei Nakamura

label : Flight Works

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